Website Questions

  • Can I customize my website?

    NetLet offers pre-built site themes to choose from. Each theme will be customized on sign up, using logos, colors, and images provided by the renter (you) at sign up.

  • How do I update my info like phone number and images?

    Each account comes with a dashboard where you can load new images, contact information, logo. Go to your dashboard. From there you'll see a button labeled "Request Content Update". Click that button and fill in any of the fields that need to be updated on your site. Press the "submit" button, and that information will be sent to us to update your site for you.

  • How often can I change my website?

    Each monthly account offers 1 image(s) update, contact info, or service update per month. Users submit their change request through the NetLet dashboard.

  • Can I change my theme?

    Renters may change to a new theme once a year free of charge, or at any time for an additional $99 fee.

Account Questions

  • How do I change my password?

    Go to your dashboard. From there you'll see a button labeled "Update Password". Click that button and enter & confirm your new password. Press the "submit" button. Note that because your site's integrity is dependant on your password's strength, we require NetLet members to keep a strong password.

  • How do I update my payment method?

    Go to your dashboard. From there you'll see a button labeled "Update Payment Method". Click that button, and complete and submit the form.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Go to your dashboard. From there you'll see a button labeled "Cancel Membership". Click that button, and complete and submit the form, and your membership will be immediately canceled. Your contact information on the site will be removed, and leads from the site will no longer be sent to you. The site will become available for lease again, either to you, or your competitor in the area.

General Questions

  • Who owns the website and content?

    NetLet owns the website and website files. The customer, you, rents the website and files (web property) with a monthly fee. You own the content you provide to NetLet including images loaded, specific services, or any text or write up you provided. Once your account is canceled, NetLet will delete ALL content provided by the customer.

  • Who owns my domain?

    NetLet purchases an SEO ready domain for your new website and owns the rights to that domain. Your monthly fee allows you to use that domain with your website.

  • Can I use my own domain?

    You must use a NetLet domain as the primary domain on your website, however, you can forward your own domain to your new NetLet website and use that on any business cards, publications or additional collateral. Here are some resources.

Affordable Website Design

Turn-Key. Hassle Free. No Contracts. No Strings.

NetLet is a web development company that offers turn-key, mobile, and search engine optimized websites to small businesses who are looking to get their company online at a reasonable price.

How NetLet Works


Pick your city/town and industry, then sign up for a website plan through NetLet.


We handle everything. We create the site, write the content, submit to google and optimize for search (SEO).


Get found online and get new customers.
No contracts, cancel anytime.

Benefits of NetLet


Never Worry About:

  • Website Up-Time
  • Backups
  • Hacks
  • System Upgrades
  • Site Updates
  • Fiddling with Domains
  • Hosting
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Frustration

…you get the point.



  • Minimal Up-Front Cost
  • No Contract / Cancel Anytime
  • No Fine Print (ok, maybe a little)
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design
  • Tuned for Blazing Fast Page Load Speed
  • Pages populated with your contact information and content.
  • Optimized for the most popular search engines, including Google & Bing

Increased Exposure

Reach More Potential Customers

  • Location Based Search Results
  • Online Location Your Customers Can Learn All About You

NetLet maintains the website so you can focus on growing your business.

Tradesmen Get